How to select and measure for a safety net

Check whether you need an outside enclosure net that attaches to the outside of the trampoline frame with sleeves sliding over the enclosure poles or and inside enclosure net that attaches to the inside of the trampoline with loops and pole caps.

Determine whether your enclosure poles or straight or arched on top. If they are straight choose between and inside or outside net. If it arches on top you will need a net with sleeves on top for the arches or you can use and inside net that comes with straps and hook it up with straps on either side of the arch.

Determine whether your enclosure net has a top ring that curved poles attach to, if so you will need a net that is designed for a top ring enclosure system.

Once you have determined the type of net you need, determine the shape and size of your trampoline by measuring from one end frame to the other, then count the number of enclosure poles you have.  We also carry a variety of universal nets depending on the size and amount of poles your trampoline has.