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Which trampoline is best for you?

Types of JumpersSizeShapeEnclosureHeightSpecial FeaturesURL
Young Children
(6–9 years)*
55 inchesRoundGap-free net enclosure< 1.5 feet
  • No-spring bungee system
  • Net skirt to prevent children and toys from getting underneath

(9+ years)
7–8 feetRoundNet enclosure< 1.5 feet 
(recreational use)
8–16 feetRoundNet enclosureAnyTrampoline ladder
(fitness use)
Mini (36–48 inches)RoundNoneAny
  • Foldable model
  • arrying case
  • Handrail

Families8–16 feetRoundNet enclosureAny (lower is better for children)Trampoline ladder
Gymnasts, acrobats14–15 feet (length)RectangularNet enclosureAnyTrampoline ladder

*Children under 6 years of age should not use trampolines for safety reasons.